Why TruCare ?

We are Long Term Care Only
At TruCare LTC Pharmacy, helping your staff more safely manage resident’s medications is our most important responsibility. By combining automated packaging, advanced e-MAR technology, and interfacing with client supported administration platforms used by your company, we can analyze client information, past medical history, medication changes and delivery schedules to eliminate gaps in treatment or unintended interactions between prescribed medications.

Value-Added Benefits We Bring to Your Staff
• 24/7 Access to Pharmacist support
• 24/7 Access to IT support for customers using e-MAR technology
• Scheduled daily deliveries statewide on medications faxed or e-Scribed to us before 2 p.m.
• Pharmacy hours M-F 8:30-5:30 Saturday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
• Emergency stat deliveries as needed weekends, holidays, after hours weekdays
• Customer Care Representatives assigned to each account
• TruCare assistance in ordering refills, or seeking prior authorizations
• Pharmacist led medication management and consultations per client request
• Back up pharmacy and delivery options near your facility in emergencies allowing us to guarantee 3 hour delivery before 10 p.m.
• Scanning technology for tracking deliveries and account for all medications your staff signs for.

Values we bring to Physicians:
• Pharmacist-provided medication therapy management
• Refill order assistance
• Access to residents’ comprehensive medication list via our electronic health information exchange
• Prior authorization assistance
• Training and education services that benefit staff which allow them to focus on resident care

Value-Added Benefits to Residents resident’s, families and Case Managers
• Management that stays in touch and involved with Quarterly meetings and monthly visits
• Can provide multi-dose packaging solutions to eliminate family members or staff from having to repack medications for LOA’s or other regular commitments that require resident to leave for extended time.
• Providing reports and medical histories quickly and completely when needed for doctor visits and evaluations.
• Assistance understanding insurance coverages, co-pays, and clinical assistance.
• Regular review of medications interactions and possible side-affects.
• Pharmacy sponsored programs and events to answer family questions, concerns and requests.
• Participation in Legal and Industry and governmental programs to keep you informed concerning changes in laws, regulations, and up to date technologies.