Long Term Care

TruCare Services and Products

Daily scheduled medication delivery throughout Michigan and beyond at no cost. Medication orders received prior to 2 p.m. will be delivered that day.
Stat deliveries as needed on holidays, weekends, and evenings.
Paper MAR’s provided monthly at no cost.
Monthly cycle fills for all your resident’s custom packed.
Multiple packaging solutions to reduce med pass times and improve safety. (single dose, multi-dose)
Your personal Customer Care Representative to communicate with your medical staff and to follow up on refill requests, prior authorizations, and changes in your resident’s insurance coverages.
Generic replacement of name brands whenever possible with the doctor’s approval to lower costs.
Med-Pass training and observation as requested to improve staff performance and compliance.
Quarterly Pharmacist consultations and 24/7 access to pharmacist support.
TruCare supports multiple e-MAR platforms and in many cases we provide the training, equipment and support needed to implement at no cost to you.

Electronic Medical Records save you time and increase safety.

Real time availability of changes or additions to clients personal, medication, insurance information.
Immediate access to reports, physician orders, or MAR when needed for state audits or doctor visits.
Tracks hours-of-administration, vital signs, treatments, and missed med history.
Creates required medical record redundancy required by state.
Allows you to quickly change resident status as needed from active to LOA, Hospital etc.
Improves privacy and tracking of residents personal and medical history
Tracks allergies, dietary requirements and personal diagnosis necessities.
Includes 24/7 access to IT support for your staff no matter what shift they are on.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Whether it is the type of packaging, time of delivery, or how we communicate with your staff, each of our clients require that we provide our many services in different ways. TruCare LTC not only understands that reality, we embrace it. Our job as your preferred pharmacy is to safely provide the medications needed by your residents in the most dependable, least time-consuming way possible for your staff. Let us show you how we do that by contacting us for a presentation.