About Us

The TruCare performance model engages your residents, families, physicians and insurance providers with our team to improve outcomes and reduce costs. With each facility encounter, TruCare reinforces the importance of HIPPA Compliance and adherence to Best Practice guidelines to safely provide for your resident’s medication needs.

As a long-term care pharmacy, focused only on the needs and concerns of communities like yours, TruCare provides strong clinical support services, single and multi-dose packaging options, and24/7/365 delivery coverage to all clients. And since we also support multiple electronic medical record platforms, we can coordinate the transfer of client information and medication changes in real time between doctor’s offices, the pharmacy and your staff.

Please take a minute to view the short video below and if you think your staff deserves a higher level of performance from your pharmacy partner, please contact us today to set up a presentation. Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in TruCare LTC Pharmacy.